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A newly married English couple accepts the chance of a lifetime; escape to the excitement of a new exotic life on the shores of the Mediterranean. They believe they have won lifeʼs lottery.


Crowned the Jewel of the Middle East, Beirut throbs with life and myriad contrasts between east and west. But as the country descends into sectarian violence and civil war, the couple is forced to make choices. 


Friends are raped and murdered, others estranged by age-old religious divides, and they discover the fragility of their own union. 


Held hostage in their home for refusing to take sides, electricity and running water are cut, and they scavenge for food amongst dwindling supplies. Days turn to weeks, and amid deprivation and tension, they are forced to face one another and their individual betrayals. 


Their painful personal decline parallels the land around them. 


Can they escape, and if they do, how will they survive?

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When the wealthy Dawson family disappears, abandoning their vast country estate, it goes unremarked. Except for Camellia, the sole heir, they were always reclusive.


Untended for twenty-five years, the parklands become a public thoroughfare, and the family's fate remains a mystery until a skeleton is found on the long-abandoned, dilapidated property. 


Soon three more bodies are unearthed. But none are the long-missing girl. 


Where is Camellia? What happened to her, and why? And whose are the four bodies?


The heart-wrenching truth could never have been imagined.


A neglected, lonely, and loveless, young woman, who, in desperately seeking her father’s love, made a series of ghastly choices. 



Unraveling: A Baker's Dozen

A trail of nine husbands belies that super-wealthy Maggie Baker is a romantic. 

Trapped in a coma, a flood of past loves and friends visit her bedside. Police suspect foul play, and they search for who hurt her and who profits from her death.


Confused and ignored, Maggie hears the conflict around her, but she cannot move. In her silent world, she also recalls her past, a painful emotional journey, to find whom she has hurt and who might wish to harm her. 


A sweeping, passionate, and at times, painful journey from her birth in Australia to Hong Kong, through Tahiti, and Hawaii, ending back on the shores of Lake Tahoe.


Why would anyone wish her harm, and who would gain from her death? 

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The Orphan Killers

Murder for Profit is a growing family business, but someone must take the fall, and beautiful orphans are the perfect scapegoats. 


When a series of aging, terminally ill men, are killed - murdered, it is a mystery. Why harm them, if they were about to die, anyway?


With hefty life insurance policies, flaws in the system would prevent payouts to their families, so they must continue in excruciating pain until Painless Farewells discovers a loophole — murder. It becomes a victimless, lucrative business for the family business.

As the bodies mount, Matt Bennett, the insurance investigator, suspects Murder for Profit and realizes the crimes have not been victimless. Beautiful young orphans have been convicted, incarcerated, still pleading their innocence.


In mounting frustration, Matt and his FBI buddy follow the twists and turns of each case.


Will the two friends stop the schemers, and can they help free the imprisoned girls?



Abandoned on the wintry shores of southern England, Leila al Masri does not speak and has no recollection of who she is or how she got there. 


With insight into her culture, her rescuer, a professor of Arabic studies, falls deeply in love with the vulnerable, pregnant girl, and despite her many secrets, eventually, they marry.


Leila’s memories come back in fragments: a privileged childhood, the violent death of her parents, recollections of her first love, and her escape. But she keeps her tragic past locked away until the day that past becomes a threat to all she holds dear. 


Worldwide terrorism grows, and her husband leads the hunt for terrorists: his primary target— The Wolf, who leaves the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan for London, seeking revenge on his arch-enemy who foiled several past plans.


Overlaid by tragic acts of 21st-century world terrorism, this is a tale of differing cultures and conflicting personalities - forced together, and unaware of their devastating common bond.


What they all discover will irrevocably shatter their worlds.

The Shattering Effect
Songs of a Jailbird's Daughter
A Memoir
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If only she could have known her father. Not just Daddy, but the man he was and might have been, but for the circumstances thrust upon him…


This story of love and hate, crime and punishment, affluence and poverty, encompasses religion, the occult, and a daughter’s unending love for a father with two sides to his nature. One that advocates, “Get them before they get you.” And the other, “Friends are the family we choose. Kindness is a special gift that costs us nothing.”


It begins with the daughter’s birth and ends with her father’s death. 

Often challenging, she struggles to survive his growing rage, as he changes from a loving father to one with outbursts of violence. 


From England at the end of WW11, a country recovering from bombs, rationing, and shortages, it spans half a century, through prisons, a war in Lebanon, and the daughter’s new life in America. 

Through it all, she clings to the father of her memories, a man who will pass half his adult life in prison, in the company of murderers and violent criminals, while she battles for his release.


A testament that, despite poverty, anger, beatings, and a life of crime, love can heal, and real love can transform. Powerful and essential, love never leaves.


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As Billionaire Mark Henderson is on the floor dying, his thoughts go to why and who? If only he could understand, he would go to his grave in peace.


Sure, over the years, he has created enemies. Among them, his arch-rival Roger Bowman and his one-time fiancée, Sulin Wang. Even his daughter from his first marriage hates him and blames him for her mother’s premature death. 


His public downfall stripped him of status, privacy, and much of his fortune. But, after paying his debt to society, he believed he had a peaceful future with his new family. Incarceration taught him that his wife and son are the only things in life that matter.


Now, two years since his release, he is about to die, and he does not know why. The danger will not die with him. Who wants to kill his family?

Coming May 23, 2021

Kat Swensen’s future is ahead of her. For two years, she has lived with Brad. Ten years older, he is ready to settle down. When Kat gets pregnant, he is over the moon. But for her, the news is devastating. She has plans.


Abandoned by his own mother, Brad needs to save his child, and when Kat secretly books a termination, he has no choice. He locks her in a refitted basement, confident they will work it out—she needs time to re-think. But, after Kat viciously attacks him, Brad recognizes his mistake. He must keep her locked up until the choice is out of her hands.


Months tick by, anger and tension fill their days. Brad supplies all she needs to survive but regrets, they will never be a family. Kat deteriorates, tension and anger fill the days, and Brad meets a girl who falls in love with him. He has a problem. What can he do about Kat? How can he keep his child and his new love? Tormented, he stumbles on a solution, but a massive car crash ends Brad’s dilemma. 


He is on life support, Kat and the newborn baby are helpless, trapped in the basement.


Will he survive? Will she? And how can she get free?

Coming in July 2021