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A young couple's painful decline parallels the war-torn land around them.


Can they escape, and if they do, how will they survive?

A newly married English couple accepts the chance of a lifetime; escape to the excitement of a new exotic life on the shores of the Mediterranean. They believe they have won lifeʼs lottery.


Crowned the Jewel of the Middle East, Beirut throbs with life and myriad contrasts between east and west. But as the country descends into sectarian violence and civil war, the couple is forced to make choices. 


Friends are raped and murdered, others estranged by age-old religious divides, and they discover the fragility of their own union. 


Held hostage in their home for refusing to take sides, electricity and running water are cut, and they scavenge for food amongst dwindling supplies. Days turn to weeks, and amid deprivation and tension, they are forced to face one another and their individual betrayals. 




What happened to Camellia, and why? And, whose are the bodies? 


When the wealthy Dawson family disappears, abandoning their vast country estate, it goes unremarked. Except for Camellia, the sole heir, they were always reclusive.


Untended for twenty-five years, the parklands are now a public thoroughfare, and the family’s fate remains a mystery until a skeleton is found on the long-abandoned, dilapidated property. Soon, three more bodies are unearthed, but none are the long-missing girl. ​


Clues lead  a determined reporter to the beautiful Italian coast, as she and the lead detective compete to uncover the fate of the neglected and loveless young woman, who, in desperately seeking her father’s love, made a series of ghastly choices.


They could never have imagined the profoundly personal truth.


Book no.1
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Book no.2
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Book no. 3
Unraveling: A Baker's Dozen

A trail of nine husbands belies that super-wealthy Maggie Baker is a romantic. 

Trapped in a coma, a flood of past loves and friends visit her bedside. Some searching for a payout. Suspecting foul play, police search for who hurt her and who may profit from her death.


Confused and ignored, Maggie hears the conflict around her, but she cannot communicate. In her silent world, she recalls her past, a painful emotional journey, to find whom she has hurt and who might wish to harm her. 


A sweeping, passionate, and at times, painful journey from her birth in Australia to Hong Kong, through Tahiti, and Hawaii, ending back on the shores of Lake Tahoe.


Why would anyone wish her harm, and who would gain from her death? 

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Book no. 4
Loophole: The Orphan Killers

Murder for Profit is a growing family business, but someone must take the fall, and beautiful orphans are the perfect scapegoats. 


When a series of aging, terminally ill men, are killed - murdered, it is a mystery. Why harm them, if they were about to die, anyway?


With hefty life insurance policies, flaws in the system prevent payouts to their families, so they continue in excruciating pain until Painless Farewells discovers a loophole — murder. It becomes a victimless, lucrative income for the family business.

But as bodies mount, Matt Bennett, the insurance investigator, suspects Murder for Profit. The crimes have not been victimless. Beautiful young orphans have been convicted and incarcerated, vainly pleading their innocence.


In mounting frustration, Matt and his FBI buddy follow the case.


Will the two friends stop the schemers, and can they help free the imprisoned girls?

Book no. 5

Forced together--unaware of their devastating common bond, what they discover will irrevocably shatter their worlds.

Abandoned on the wintry shores of southern England, Leila does not speak and has no recollection of who she is or how she got there. 


With insight into her culture, her rescuer, a professor of Arabic studies, falls deeply in love with the vulnerable, pregnant girl, and despite her many secrets, eventually, they marry.


Leila’s memories come back in fragments: a privileged childhood, the violent death of her parents, recollections of her first love, and her escape. But she keeps her tragic past locked away until the day it becomes a threat to all she holds dear. 


As worldwide terrorism grows, her husband leads the hunt: his primary target—The Wolf, who leaves the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan for London, seeking revenge on his arch-enemy who foiled several past plans.


Overlaid by tragic acts of 21st-century world terrorism, differing cultures and conflicting personalities clash in a battle for survival. 


The Shattering Effect
The Shattering Effect
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Book no 6

Downfall: The Price of Ego

Love, lust, and wealth are powerful aphrodisiacs.


Who is Mark Henderson? 

A self-made playboy-billionaire, or a cunning and vengeful business opponent? A man who callously abandoned his young wife and child, or a doting father, who adores his second wife?

Over the years, Mark has created enemies. Among them, his arch-rival Roger Bowman and his one-time fiancée, Sulin Wang. Even his daughter from his first marriage hates him and blames him for her mother’s premature death. 

His public downfall stripped him of status, privacy, and much of his fortune. But, after paying his debt to society, he believed he had a peaceful future with his new family. Incarceration taught him that his wife and son are the only things in life that matter.

Now, two years after his release, he may die, and he does not know why.


The danger will not end with him. Someone wants to kill his family.

Book no 7
The Captive

The Captive

A lock clicks. She is trapped. 


Until her pregnancy, Kat’s future was ahead of her. Unwilling to forgo her dreams, she books a termination. But, abandoned as a child, her lover, Brad, cannot accept this. 


His extreme solution--trap her until she reconsiders.


When Kat viciously attacks him, he sees there will be no compromise. She must remain captive until the choice is out of her hands. Isolated, dependent and heavily pregnant, Kat deteriorates physically and psychologically. Helpless, she longs for escape, but a voice in her head constantly whispers of her growing danger. What will happen to you when the child is born?


While Kat searches for a way out, her lover faces a dilemma. How will he keep his child, yet be rid of Kat?


He settles on a dark plan, but fate has a plan of her own 


Will he survive? Will she? And can she get free?

Book no 8
Thief of Memories

Thief of Memories

Three Lives - A Collision Course.


For the thief, the detective, and the naive woman, the clock is ticking. Time for the ultimate price to be paid.


Tortured and flawed, the thief fills a gaping wound in his psyche by cheating and inflicting pain on vulnerable women. Pretending to care, he steals their most precious keepsakes. 


Blessed with a highly developed intuitive sense, Detective John Marsh feels the profound pain inflicted. When his sister becomes a victim, the pursuit turns personal. 


Optimistic and innocent, Lisa cannot believe her husband had a stolen identity when he married her. He is accused of two deaths, attacked her family, and disappeared, taking everything. How could she have loved a monster?


But Lisa will be his nemesis.  


Book no 9
Jailbird's Daughter
The Jailbird's Daughter:
A Memoir

If only she could have known her father. Not just Daddy, but the man he was and might have been, but for the circumstances thrust upon him.


At the end of WW11, England is recovering from bombs, rationing, and shortages, and for many, life is a constant struggle. Children are born, money is short, and for one man, crime is a tantalizing possibility.


From the daughter’s birth until her father’s death and spanning half a century, this memoir of love, crime, and punishment reveals a daughter’s unending love for a father with two sides to his nature. One that condemns him to pass half his adult life in the company of murderers and violent criminals. Clinging to the father of her memories, she battles for his release. 


Powerful and essential, love never leaves, and despite challenges, it can transform. 


Anchor 10
Book 10
Loss of Illusions

The Loss of Illusions


When his boat explodes, with Dr. Justin Sutton on board, his wife suspects duplicity. 


Why are his passport and favorite clothes missing? 

Who was the beautiful woman that crashed their party?

And, where is all their money?


From California to Colombia, retired detective John Marsh follows an astonishing journey, searching for the man, the money, and the answer to the question they are all asking -

Is love an illusion?

Book no. 11
Kangaroo Courtship

Kangaroo Courtship

Laura Marsh’s wedding day is a bloody battle scene, leaving her Australian fiancé shot. The target is Amy, a manipulative thief and former friend who has fooled them all.


With Amy on the run, the thwarted bride nurses her emotional wounds and vows to find answers. Setting her dreams of marriage aside, she tries to help her financially ruined fiancé, the string of cheated investors, and the thief’s broken-hearted husband.


Despite convincing evidence that the conniving woman is dead, with her father’s help, Laura struggles to prove it was staged and bring her foe to justice before she can cause more chaos.But Amy is more resourceful and devious than they imagined. 


In an unforeseen and shocking twist, John and Laura Marsh discover the truth, but there is an enormous price to be paid.

Book # 12
Across the Rubicon

Across the Rubicon

In debt, desperate and gullible, Simon Archer’s charm has run out, and he is in trouble. Resenting his father-in-law’s success,  he listens when Alexi, an enigmatic Russian, offers an enticing solution. Have the man killed and grab the inheritance—millions of dollars.


Without regard for the anguish of his family, Simon agrees. But when circumstances change, Simon vacillates. A burner phone arrives in the mail, and as the plot becomes real, he panics, imagining killers around every corner. Unable to cope, he scrambles to get the hit canceled.  


But Alexi is a keeper of secrets, and in a game of cat and mouse, the charming and elusive Russian ignores the increasingly frantic calls. He is not yet ready. By the time he is, fate has stepped in, and Simon disappears, leaving his wife to uncover the lies, betrayals, and Simon’s massive error in judgment. 


What happened to the man she thought she loved? From the beginning, Simon trusted the wrong people, and nothing was as it seemed. 

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