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The Price of Ego




Book # 12



Available in February 2023

Children's Stories by Jeannie Neill


The Worries of Warnika, The Witch's Black Cat

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Leaving the cold in England—the country of her birth, J D Neill found the sunshine. First in Italy, then on to teach English in the Middle East. The vibrant lifestyle gave no indication the country was on the brink of civil war. As a hostage, her sense of normality and sanity came through keeping a diary. Writing was an escape and would become her future. Fleeing civil war, like many before her, she discovered America, the land of her dreams. She contributed articles for a west coast magazine and produced theatre before a spell back in Europe to package and promote films. A friend suggested she reinvent one of her spec scripts, and after a lengthy gestation, in 2019, Disintegration was born. Being hidden away during the pandemic, writing was once again salvation. Nine books followed. Fortunately, the ideas continue to present themselves, percolate, and refuse to leave, until they are given life—on paper. 



What people are saying...


A gripping story of survival. I am only half-way through and don't want to put it down.

Amazon Review


I really enjoyed the character development throughout this story. It shows the power of human survival in extreme situations. Well done  ...more


Sharon Haste 

Goodreads Review

This is a colourful, emotional, exciting & sexy novel. Covering the story of two young people caught up in the complex machinations of the troubled times in Beirut, Lebanon in the 1970's . I can almost smell the streets and hear the sounds of that great city through the story. Ticks all of my boxes for a great, intoxicating read. 

Julie Spatt, Review


Amazon Review


Engrossing crime mystery drama with plenty of twists and surprises all the way with whopper ending. Well constructed. A fun read. Real page turner. It'll keep you reading.

E Kaye,


Amazon Review

So many twists and turns I couldn’t put it down. Read over a few days at every opportunity, I was gripped by the story line and the personal dramas of each character. This would make a great movie!

W. Cufer, Review

 I found myself so absorbed by the story, that I read non stop, finished the book within 7 hours. I loved the unpredictable story... 


Amazing storyteller! Waiting for her 3rd book.

L. Stephens,

Amazon Review


A Baker's Dozen:

Wanted you to know how much

I enjoyed Unravelling - a page-turner and once started I

couldn't put it down. I really felt

I was in that hospital bed with Maggie and remembering

those 9 husbands! 

The ending was a good one and one I hadn't expected.


J. Fellows Review

A thoroughly enjoyable novel told through the thoughts of a coma patient, most unusual and rather addictive in that I found it hard to put down once I started reading it. So many different characters, and dry/smart humor in the thoughts of the victim, a most enjoyable read. It is the third one from this author, looking forward to the next one

Ninoska Review

Another very imaginative mystery from J. D. Neill. Very smart, well constructed. Keeps moving and keeps you guessing. One must admire the author for coming up with plots like this. I have read all her books and am always pleased. I admire the author's ability to create word pictures. Her books all have a cinematic quality. They invite you to "be in the picture". As they say, a page turner.

E. Kaye


Amazon Review

The Orphan Killers:

As always reading J.D.Neill's books, I don't want the story to end. The LOOPHOLE is no exception. I just loved this one, she is so beautifully creative, taking the reader with her to every scene that she writes about. I simply loved it, looking forward to the next book.

Lala Stephens

Amazon Review

I just finished reading Loophole,

J D Neill’s 4th book. Each of her novels is highly engrossing but totally different to each other. Loophole is a fascinating tale that again kept me turning the pages. It moves from California to the South Pacific and follows investigator’s efforts to solve a series of ‘victimless murders.’ The story has its share of twists and turns, life for women in jail, an evolving romance or two, and interesting characters. I thoroughly recommend it.

T. Robert

Amazon Review

Loophole: The Orphan Killers: by J. D. Neill is an amazing story that I have loved reading.

This is the first time I have ever read anything by this author and it definitely will not be the last. I am so hooked on the way the story was written and can not wait to read more.

I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about murder's and mysteries on their stories.

S. Ellis

Amazon Review

The Shattering Effect:

A book that will keep you held tight!A brilliantly written story that keeps the reader wanting to turn the pages, the author continues to engage with this book, as with the earlier ones. The storyline is actually a tightly wound cord that the reader untwists by progressing page by page to learn where the strands lead.


Monica Kleinman Review

 Amazing story, beautifully written.


Another amazing, unexpected, unusual, exciting, well written story by j.d.neill . I loved it from the beginning to the end. Anxious to read the next book.

Lala Stephens
Amazon Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this intriguing and unusual story.


It skilfully and seamlessly wove-in modern events with interesting characters, exotic backgrounds, and places.


A page-turning tale.


T. Lanny
Amazon Review


Another thrilling who done it by JD Neill. I started reading at noon and stayed up late to finish it.

Each chapter pulls you into the next one.I would have stayed up all night if had been even longer. A wonderful read and I look for more works by this Author.


Amazon Review

Loved it! Kept me turning the pages.

Keep writing.

ARC Review

WOW! Talk about drawn in...I am sitting hereamazed at the writing in this book. The storytelling is superb. I recommend reading this book.

Tracey H.

Goodreads Review

The Captive:

As you first get into this story you may think you have an idea where it is going, but it goes somewhere very surprising and maybe even a bit shocking. Very unusual. Will leave you wondering. It at once paints a picture quite human but also disturbing, maybe more disturbingly reflective of people than you may be comfortable with. Quite a daring piece of literature.

E. Kaye

Amazon Review

As the title suggests this book is captivating. Yet another in a list of creative stories by this author, her descriptions of both characters and surroundings almost take you to the place where the girl is held against her will. Will she ever get free and resume a normal life? Well worth a read, and I look forwards to reading her last book Downfall, and more to come I hope.


Amazon Review

The Jailbird's Daughter

A heart warming story of a lifetime of love and family devotion. Rising from childhood fears and troubled times this is a journey through life’s ups and downs and how a child and subsequent adult rises to challenges to overcome fears for loneliness and emerge into the triumph of a loving adult. Truly inspirational


Amazon Review

This is a harrowing and heartfelt tale of a woman's struggle to come to terms with her life in relation to her father: a life of loss, betrayal, tragedy, misfortune, extraordinary circumstance, and ultimately love for a very imperfect parent. Anyone who might feel the pain of a very trying parental relationship (most of us) could find empathy in her story. Very touching and heartfelt.

E Kaye

Amazon Review

The Loss of Illusions

The book has me hooked. It is fast moving and captivating.


ARC Review 

Every page of this book is filled with excitement, that is why it is hard to put it down. Brilliant story and writing. I enjoyed it, and highly recommend it!
Lala Stephens

Kangaroo Courtship

Wow! Another roller coaster ride in this detective series.

It just constantly amazes me how the author comes up with these super imaginative, very unexpected stories. This is the third in a series featuring detective John Marsh. I've read them all. Each one is quite unique. Some great new characters here. The twists and turns fly at you. Very engrossing reading. It'll keep you going.

Amazon Review

Wow, what a great book. I could not put it down,


ARC Review


The final book in a stunning trilogy. Wonderful reading.

Thrilling conclusion to the trilogy. Definitely worth a second read. The stories keep getting better and better. Can we expect more?


Amazon Review

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